Welcome to Tune In 2006!

17 - 19 August
Stockholm Concert Hall

For the third consecutive year, we’ll be organising Tune In, the forum that turns the spotlight on current topics relating to cultural diversity in music and the performing arts. Over an intensive three-day period, 17-19 August, there will be seminars and debates as well as concerts featuring world music artists both from Sweden and abroad. This year, we’ll be collaborating with the Stockholm Concert Hall, the Stockholm Culture Festival and Intercult.

Come and listen to innovators, motivators and provocateurs!

This year’s Tune In will include a series of highly topical seminars and debates at which we’ll be looking at cultural diversity issues from both a European and a global perspective. Theatre heads, journalists, theoreticians, musicians and policymakers will paint a picture of an international cultural landscape. The seminar speakers will be from countries like Sweden, Britain, France, Belgium and Germany. Selam and Intercult have collaborated in putting together a series of seminars with two parallel themes – ethics/politics and action/examples. Read more...

Great live concerts both in the Concert Hall and outside!

Tune In 2006 will open with a spectacular, specially produced Inaugural Concert – a unique joint venture bringing together the Stockholm Royal Philharmonic and some of Sweden’s leading artists on the current world music scene. Every evening outside the Concert Hall, in Hötorget, there will also be at least one free concert given by an international superstar – which means African rebel reggae, soca hip hop and Persian pop hits! Read more...

About Tune In

Mindful of our own multicultural society, Tune In will be tapping Sweden’s cultural decision-makers on the shoulder to remind them of what the country’s population looks like these days. The moving force behind Tune In is the Selam culture organisation, which initiated the forum in 2004 at and in collaboration with Dieselverkstaden in Stockholm. In 2005, Tune In took place in Göteborg, at and in collaboration with the World Culture Museum and Pustervik. Tune In is for you if you work professionally with music and/or the performing arts and have the power to bring about change, if you are active in a cultural or immigrant association, if you are caught in the cultural crosswind between several different cultures, or if you simply have a burning interest in cultural diversity. If you would like to receive regular information about Tune In 2006, you can subscribe to our e-mail list.

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